Should be easy, right?

Then you realize how much work there is to be done to build an effective and powerful design and marketing platform to share your message and attract your ideal clients,

and everything comes to a halt…

You have a very important message to share with the world. We need your business to be successful.

Don’t let technology overwhelm get in the way of you sharing your message with the world. With the right help¬†you can check off that list of all the things your heart-centered business platform needs to have:

to get started and be successful faster, better, and easier.

You should be able to focus on what you love, I can take care of your digital needs. Working with me is like going from how in the world am I going to do all of that, to wow that was easy… ūüėé

Well, you will have to show up also and be ready to get things done. But, together, I know we can have  fun while generating some amazing energy for your business, and get you set up with all you need to share you message and attract your ideal clients.

I get you and your Business. I am awake and have been a part of this Evolutionary Expansion of consciousness taking place on this planet for nearly 20 years. I here to help conscious evolutionries to be successful in business so we can really elevate all of humanity. So if you want to work with someone who lives the Heart-Centered life and also understands how to create beautiful and powerful client attraction platforms, your search has ended ūüėČ

I can help you get everything together that you need to launch your Heart-Centered Business in just 12 weeks. Working 1-on-1 with me each week, I will guide you through 3 simple steps to help you get your powerful and effective platform for sharing your message and engaging with your ideal clients completed and ready for the world.

1. STRATEGIZE to define your message, your market, and your brand

2. DESIGN beautiful and powerful marketing materials that amplify your presence

3. IMPLEMENT the digital tools into one cohesive system



    Defining your Big Why
    Create clear Messaging to reach your Ideal Clients
    Design that Resonates with your Mission
    Marketing Materials that truly represent you and your business
    Professionally Designed Branding: Logos, Website, and Social Media
    Feedback and guidance on your marketing copy
    (Writing of copy is available for additional cost)
    Stay in the flow with movement on your goals every week
    Get super clear on who you are, who you serve, and why you are
    Keep your mindset focused on the shortest path to success
    Embodying your vision, right now

    Accelerating your path towards your dream vision

    Clear and powerful messaging
    A unique Logo in many formats for all your marketing needs
    Business Card Design Рready to go to press
    Website Landing Page 
        WordPress website with custom designed theme
        You are in control Рeasy to use web system plus training
        Unique and beautiful images to amplify your message Рincluded
        A one page design Рor maybe a few if you need it
        A signup list Рfor gathering emails
        A blog Рso you can share your wisdom and gain followers
        A contact form with your own email address
    Social Media Graphics for Facebook pages, Instagram etc
    Plus I can get your social media connected together with your website too
Take advantage of my 25 years experience as a Graphic Designer and Web Developer and my skills as a Transformational Guide to Accelerate your business to its Ultimate Expression.
The following are some examples of other Heart-Centered business owners that I have helped to build a beautiful business platform.

and some of the logos that I have created for my clients…

I’m already witnessing my ideal client showing up since clearly voicing my intentions!! The past few days current and new clients are all voicing their commitments to health, themselves, their own healing, changing diet, lifestyle…so cool, thank you!!


Moving Stillness Healing

To schedule a free 30 minute Launch Levity Strategy Session with me, so we can meet and make sure this is right for the both of us. Just fill in the form below.

It’s hard enough with all that you have to do. Give yourself the Gift of more Levity in your Life.
Working with me is sure to bring more light into your life and create more flow.

I really believe that I can help you get where you want to go! ūüĆě

If you feel ready to expand your reach in the world with this Beautiful, Strategic, Design & Marketing Package. Send me a message here so we can set up a time to connect.

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Dustin Eli is a Spiritual Life Coach, Artist, Designer & Musician. He has over 25 years experience working with digital media technologies and designing brands and marketing platforms to help other Heart-Centered Business owners to share their message and their work with the world.

He is also the father of his 11 year old son, an amazing fireball of potential. He loves singing, painting, resting in the beauty of pure awareness, inspiring others, growing food, eating amazing home made meals, expansive conversations, being in nature, and evolving his consciousness in service to raising the vibration of all of humanity.


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